Welcome to my counseling training courses! I am committed to providing comprehensive training programs geared towards empowering individual and families of Christians with the skills and knowledge required to facilitate healing and support in various aspects of their lives.

This training is meticulously designed to equip you with the expertise to receive spiritual and emotional counseling across a diverse range of counseling genres, ensuring that you can find healing for yourself and those around you.

My Training Philosophy

My training philosophy centers around these fundamental principles:

Spiritual Nurturing: This course underscores the significance of cultivating a profound, personal connection with one’s faith and spiritual journey as the cornerstone for practical Christianity.

Cultural Sensitivity: This provides the instilling in individuals the importance of being attuned to the diverse beliefs and backgrounds of those they encounter, ensuring inclusivity and deep respect for every person.

Enhancing Interpersonal Skills: Proficient communication plays a pivotal role in providing emotional and spiritual support. This course works to refine individuals’ abilities in active listening, counseling, and interpersonal interactions.

Crisis Management: As Christians may frequently encounter high-stress situations, in this course you will find the equipping of  individuals with the essential tools to offer support during crises and emergencies.

Through these core principles you can expect to receive comprehensive training that will empower you to excel in your life and provide invaluable support to those you serves.

Course Offerings

“A Christian Journey of Hope and Healing in Overcoming Depression,” authored by Christian Counselor Sean Alexander, offers a compassionate and practical guide for Christians battling depression, combining professional expertise with spiritual insight. This course provides tools to harness prayer, scripture, community, and faith to find emotional wellness and hope on the path to overcoming depression.