About Me

Rev. Dr. Sean Alexander
Pastor | Counselor | Coach | Educator

You Deserve to Experience Well-Being. I’m Here to Support You.

I aid you in uncovering and addressing limitations or obstacles that may be hindering your progress, which


  • Supporting your spiritual journey.
  • Bringing clarity to the path God intends for your life and business.
  • Assisting in the identification and understanding of the sources of your challenges.
  • Establishing a foundation to work on surmounting obstacles and moving beyond them…
  • Guiding the creation of strategic and tactical plans that align with your personal aspirations and God’s intentions.
  • Equipping you with essential tools, coupled with coaching and mentorship, to propel you toward ongoing achievements.

Attaining remarkable outcomes across all facets of your life and business.

My Background in Perspective

Archbishop Sean Alexander holds the esteemed position of VP of Global Operations at Chaplains International Inc and stands as an honored clergy member.

Archbishop Alexander bears the distinction of being a Diplomat accredited by the National Board of Christian Clinical Therapists. Additionally, he holds the roles of a Board Certified Supervisor and a respected Presidential Member within the American Association of Christian Counseling. His private practice is firmly established in Boca Raton, Florida.

Furthermore, Archbishop Alexander proudly bears the title of a graduate from Coachville’s Graduate School of Coaching, with a specialization in serving as a Christian Life and Business Coach.

Archbishop extends his therapeutic care to adult patients, with a primary specialization in Marriage and Family Cognitive Therapy. His expertise extends to the compassionate care of those grappling with conditions such as Depression, Stress, Anxiety Disorders, and matters of Spirituality.

His therapeutic philosophy and practices adhere closely to the tenets of the Biblical, Bio-psychosocial, and Cognitive Therapy Models for addressing mental health issues. In his approach, the individual is considered holistically, taking into account the intricate interplay between body, mind, spirit, culture, and society. Archbishop Alexander has found that combining psychotherapy and natural alternative treatments, when suitable, proves to be a potent and cost-effective strategy.

While Archbishop Alexander’s physical presence encompasses the entirety of Florida, his reach extends globally through online sessions with his clients, transcending geographical barriers.

Online meetings are conducted to prioritize your comfort and safety.

Kindly be advised that communication via public email lacks security measures.

For secure correspondence, please [schedule an online appointment] with him.

We appreciate your consideration!

Archbishop Alexander is proficient in English.

Approach & Beliefs

Dedicated to Church Community Support!

My journey has been deeply intertwined with the church. Prior to my counseling endeavors, I wholeheartedly engaged in church leadership roles. This background has granted me firsthand insight into the relentless demands placed upon ministers and staff, and the potential toll it can exact on their well-being. Committed to providing adept care and unwavering support, I extend my services to church ministers and staff within the Austin area.

I extend a gesture of goodwill through my provision of three counseling sessions, completely free of charge, to all full-time church staff members and pastoral teams. This inclusive embrace encompasses pastors, directors, educators, worship leaders, counselors, and administrative personnel, among others. Additionally, for church members referred by their pastors, I offer a special discount to ease access to therapeutic support.

Embarking on this journey is simple – just have your senior pastor reach out to me with the request, and we can begin the path toward healing and growth.

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Get in Touch


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