Counseling -vs- Coaching

Coaching addresses challenging psychological aspects, facilitating individuals in transitioning from problem areas to a place of equilibrium. It centers around resolving issues and often delves into the past.

Contrastingly, coaching engages in the realm of positive psychology, guiding individuals toward elevated levels of contentment. It centers on potential and envisions the direction one aspires to pursue in the days ahead. My role entails meeting you on this spectrum and propelling you forward along your life’s journey.


  • Challenging Psychology

  • Centers on addressing difficulties, managing conflicts, handling insecurities, spiritual challenges, and emotional concerns like depression, anxiety, and anger.

  • Addresses areas of concern.

  • Concentrates on the roots of issues stemming from the past, striving for recovery and equilibrium.

We possess expertise in offering treatment, facilitating healing, and guiding individuals. Our proficiency lies in integrating the teachings of the Word of God with cognitive therapy, psychology, pathology, and therapeutic techniques.


  • Optimistic Psychology Centers on discovering contentment, amplifying achievements, fostering teamwork, envisioning aspirations, advancing professional development, and attaining your objectives and aspirations.
  • Empowers the realization of your objectives and aspirations.
  • Embraces the present and forthcoming opportunities, goal attainment, breaking free from stagnation, and transforming aspirations into tangible outcomes.

We stand as partners collaborating to facilitate transformation.

We are equipped with coaching proficiencies encompassing attentive listening, effective questioning, and motivational guidance.

Our competence extends to life and business hurdles, adeptly surmounting them by applying practical solutions rooted in the teachings of the Word of God and other methodologies.

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