Counseling -vs- Coaching

Coaching deals with negative psychology and helps people move from their problem areas to a point of stability. It focuses on problems and frequently considers the past.

Coaching deals with positive psychology and helps people move to higher levels of fulfillment. It focuses on possibilities and looks at where people want to go in the future. My work is to meet you on the following scale and move you further along in your life. 


  • Negative Psychology
  • Focuses on problems, dealing with conflicts, insecurities, spiritual struggles, and emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, and anger.
  • Fixes what is wrong.
  • Focuses on the causes of problems that arise from the past and on bringing healing and stability.
  • We are experts who focuses on treating our patients, provide healing, and provides direction.
  • We have expertise in the Word of God and how to apply it together with cognitive therapy, psychology, pathology, and therapeutic skills. 


  • Positive Psychology
  • Focuses on finding fulfillment, enhancing performance, team building, vision casting, career growth, and reaching your goals and dreams.
  • Enables you to reach your goals and dreams.
  • Focuses on the present and future, possibilities, reaching goals, getting unstuck, and turning dreams into reality.
  • We are coequals who work together to bring change.
  • We are trained in coaching skills such as listening, questioning, and encouraging combined with expertise in life and business challenges and overcoming them through the providing real solutions to real challenges through the Word of God and other methods. 

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