Counseling / Coaching Sliding Scale

I provide affordable services…

I am driven by a sincere aspiration to support you, aided by the guidance of the Lord, the teachings of the Word of God, and my comprehensive professional training and life journey. To ensure my ongoing ability to serve you and others, I wish to draw your attention to the subsequent financial considerations.
I maintain affordable and competitive rates in alignment with the prevailing state average. The charges for a 50-minute session of pastoral counseling and coaching are as follows:

I. Pastoral Counselor Fee Structure:

  1. Initial Consultation: An introductory session where we get to know each other and discuss your needs and goals.
  2. Individual Sessions: Personalized one-on-one counseling sessions tailored to address your specific concerns and promote healing and growth.
  3. Couples/Family Sessions: Constructive counseling for couples and families, aimed at fostering better communication, understanding, and resolution.
  4. Group Therapy: Participate in group sessions with peers facing similar challenges, providing a supportive and communal environment for healing.
  5. Specialized Workshops: Engage in focused workshops on topics such as stress management, relationship enhancement, and personal development.
  6. Phone/Online Sessions: Flexible virtual counseling sessions for your convenience and accessibility.
  7. Sliding Scale Options: We offer a sliding fee scale based on your financial circumstances to ensure quality care is accessible to all.
  8. Extended Sessions: For in-depth exploration and intensive work, extended sessions are available.
  9. Emergency Consultations: Immediate counseling support during urgent situations.
  10. Customized Packages: Tailored counseling packages designed to meet your ongoing needs and goals.

Please contact us for detailed fee information and any inquiries regarding insurance coverage or payment plans. Your well-being is our priority, and we are committed to providing quality pastoral counseling services that support your journey towards healing and transformation.

II. Insurance

In accordance with the recent changes in health insurance regulations, my services are exclusively available on a cash basis.

Kindly acknowledge that our submission of claims to your insurance provider is an act of service aimed at your convenience. We will make earnest efforts to secure reimbursement from your insurance company. However, if unforeseen situations arise and insurance coverage is not granted for your session(s), the ultimate responsibility for settling the account balance rests with you.