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You’re exactly where you need to be. As a Christian Life Coach, I’m committed to guiding you towards the amazing outcomes God has intended for you, based on Jeremiah 29:11: ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the LORD, ‘plans for well-being and not for trouble, to give you a future filled with hope.’ Ready to embrace God’s vision for your life? Book your FREE session with me today.”

Christ-Centered Life Coaching for Transformative Outcomes


Do you yearn for days when your actions resonate with God’s purpose for you? Isn’t that what every believer seeks? When did you last feel that divine alignment? Using my Faith-Focused 3Cs method (Christ-Centered-Coaching), I’m committed to guiding you towards consistent fulfillment in your Christian walk, achieving incredible results in every aspect of your life.

Achieve Remarkable Unity & Growth Together

Embark on a transformative journey with like-minded individuals or couples. In this spiritually enriching environment, participants can openly share challenges, traverse their faith journey hand in hand with fellow believers, and reap the profound insights and guidance of the coach to achieve outstanding spiritual and personal growth.

CI Basic Chaplain Home Study Course (BCT)

Achieve Exceptional Bonds through Christian Coaching Workshops and Seminars.

Using my 3C’s Framework, my Christian Life Workshops provide profound insights for couples pursuing remarkable harmony from a faith-based perspective. Customized for monumental growth, these gatherings nurture in-depth self-reflection, comprehension of one’s partner, and the essential nature of a bond rooted in faith. Dive into a relationship where God is the central strength.

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

I’m Rev. Dr. Sean Alexander — a Christian Life Coach, Professional Speaker, and Educator, committed to transforming lives by integrating timeless biblical wisdom with innovative insights. My mission? To guide individuals towards profound spiritual truths and personal breakthroughs.

Within the vibrant community of the Christian faith, I’ve established myself as a progressive ministerial voice and serve as the VP of Global Operations for Chaplains International. Accredited by the National Board of Christian Clinical Therapists and recognized as a Board-Certified Supervisor by the American Association of Christian Counseling, I infuse each coaching session with rich biblical principles and truths. From Florida to far-reaching corners, my Christ-Centered approach is empowering individuals to experience renewed spiritual depth and fulfillment.


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Life Change Offerings

Life Change Offerings I provide:

Wedding Ceremonies

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For over three decades, Rev. Dr. Alexander has been crafting distinctive and faith-filled ceremonies across the nation and beyond. Drawing upon his deep spiritual insight, he’s uncovered ceremonies that can be tailored to magnify your blessed occasion. Having officiated over two thousand weddings, each one is intricately designed to the couple’s unique aspirations and faith journey.

Rev. Dr. Alexander holds a profound belief that when divine love brings two souls together, it’s a sacred privilege to partake in that celebration and to affirm those vows in God’s presence.

[Schedule your appointment] to begin your spiritual journey towards matrimony with Rev. Dr. Sean Alexander.

Funeral Services

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During the solemn occasion of bidding farewell to a loved one, finding comfort in faith can be a source of solace and strength.

As a dedicated member of the clergy, I am honored to assist you in paying tribute to your dearly departed within a sacred setting. Whether you seek a Liturgical, Christian, Spiritual, or Civil service, know that I serve a vast spectrum of over 140 Christian denominations and faith traditions.

I am here to provide:

✨ A heartfelt eulogy to honor the memory of your loved one. ✨ Prayers that bring comfort and hope. ✨ Invitations to post-service events, whether it be a burial, entombment, scattering of ashes, or a reception to reminisce and comfort one another. ✨ A guiding presence throughout the service, ensuring it’s a meaningful tribute.

In this time of reflection and remembrance, lean on me to help craft a service that pays homage to the life and faith of your loved one.

[Schedule a consultation] to explore how I can be of service in conducting a befitting funeral or memorial for your cherished one. In His peace and love.​

[Meet with me] to discuss my performing your loved ones’ funeral or memorial service.

Baptismal Services

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Initiating your child into the path of Catholicism marks a significant moment of grace and divine love.

As a Catholic Chaplain and a dedicated servant of the Lord, it’s my privilege to assist and support you in the holy sacrament of baptism/christening for your beloved child. This cherished occasion is more than a ceremonial rite; it’s a gathering where family, friends, and the wider church community unite in joyous worship, celebrating a fresh journey in the embrace of Christ.

✨ Rejoice in this blessed occasion surrounded by those dear to you. ✨ Opt for a sanctuary that mirrors the sanctity and depth of your faith.

[Book a consultation] to deliberate and orchestrate your child’s baptism/christening ceremony. Together, let’s pay tribute to this sacred moment, encapsulating the divine promise that guides your child’s spiritual path forward. In the infinite grace and love of our Savior.

Wellness & Support Services

Wellness & Support Services I provide:

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)

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An ACE score evaluates various challenges and adversities experienced during childhood, including instances of neglect and abuse. In line with the Adverse Childhood Experiences study, a challenging childhood often corresponds to a higher ACE score, potentially leading to health concerns in later life.

[Reach out to us today to arrange a session], allowing us to provide guidance and understanding through the lens of Catholic faith as we explore your ACE assessment together.

Spiritual Coaching

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My most engaged clients are those who arrive with an open heart, eager to delve deeper into the mysteries of faith and lead a life rich in spiritual purpose.

Both individuals and families yearning to deepen their spiritual connection, especially those for whom traditional religious practices may not have completely resonated, often find solace in my guidance.

Furthermore, I introduce monastic ideals rooted in Catholic tradition to seekers who yearn for a profound communion with God. This spiritual approach is especially beneficial for those grappling with stress and anxiety, aiding them to embrace life more mindfully and wholly.

In our spiritual guidance sessions, we will not only delve into core spiritual practices such as prayer and engagement with the Holy Scriptures but also explore profound questions about God’s purpose, discerning His voice, understanding relationships through a spiritual lens, and integrating spirituality into daily life.

[Schedule your appointment] with me, and together, let’s journey to discover the divine plans God has laid out for your spiritual path.​

Premarital Counseling

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The sacrament of matrimony is one of the most sacred commitments in our Catholic faith, and adequately preparing for this union can significantly bolster its strength and longevity. Studies have shown that such preparation can decrease the likelihood of divorce by 30%.

In the spirit of upholding the sanctity of this union, I offer premarital guidance and education, aimed at fortifying your relationship and future together. Marriage is a divine vocation, and it deserves the utmost attention and care.

My objective is to nurture the bonds between you and your betrothed, fostering a resilient, fulfilling marriage grounded in the teachings of the Church.

Our faith-based sessions will delve into:

  1. Recognizing and understanding the expectations both of you bring to your upcoming marital life, identifying potential areas of disagreement.
  2. Crafting core agreements that will serve as pillars of your marital journey.
  3. Exploring and respecting the unique values each partner holds while fostering mutual understanding in light of Church teachings.
  4. Upholding your marital vows, reflecting on the virtues of fidelity, patience, reverence, and selfless love as illuminated by the Scriptures.
  5. And if you wish, I can preside over your wedding, ensuring that it is blessed, memorable, and deeply rooted in God’s love.

[Schedule your appointment] with me, and let us pave the path for a thriving, Christ-centered marriage.

Relationship Therapy

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Guided by the tenets of the Catholic faith, my vocation as a Pastoral Life Coach is to accompany you on your life’s journey, wherever you may find yourself — in joy, sorrow, challenge, or peace. My mission is to foster trust and guide you through life’s tribulations, drawing strength and clarity from God’s divine purpose for you.

I firmly believe that addressing and navigating personal challenges becomes transformative when grounded in faith, cultivating resilient, God-centered relationships that withstand the tests of time.

Together, we’ll embark on a path of healing and connection, focusing on:

  1. Resolving frequent disputes with your spouse or partner.
  2. Enhancing communication channels between you and your significant other.
  3. Addressing and curbing anger issues that disrupt the harmony in your household.
  4. Guiding couples through the difficult terrains of marital separation or pending divorce.
  5. Navigating the complexities of multiple intimate relationships.
  6. Offering support in situations marred by physical, emotional, or verbal abuse.
  7. Overcoming distant or superficial communication patterns, rare intimacy, or avoidance behaviors that distance you from your spouse.
  8. Healing from repeated cycles of fractured or tumultuous relationships caused by personal challenges in trust, communication, or unsuitable partner choices.

If your heart feels the call to strengthen, heal, and nurture your relationship under God’s guiding light, [schedule an appointment] with me. Let us witness God’s transformative love in your journey as a couple.


Family Therapy

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Catholic Family Coaching integrates the Church’s teachings and the Holy Scriptures’ wisdom with cognitive therapeutic strategies. This unique approach seeks to foster better communication within the family and provide faith-based solutions to address conflicts.

Typically, our sessions span 8-12 weeks. However, the duration and participants can vary depending on your family’s needs and the willingness of its members to engage.

Our collaboration will be tailored to address your family’s unique challenges, always aiming to provide solutions rooted in the teachings of our faith.

Engaging in these sessions can equip you with tools to address current concerns fortify family bonds, and navigate future challenges with grace and understanding long after our formal sessions have concluded.

If you’re yearning for renewed harmony and deeper connections within your family, grounded in the principles of our faith, [schedule an appointment] with me. Together, let’s embark on a journey of healing, understanding, and growth under God’s guidance.

Grief and Bereavement Counseling

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Grief, with its profound depth and range, uniquely touches each soul. The Church acknowledges several stages of grief, namely:

  1. Denial or shock
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

While these stages offer a framework, it’s essential to understand that grief is not a linear journey. One may oscillate between stages, often experiencing multiple emotions concurrently.

The purpose of navigating through grief isn’t about returning to the life once known but embracing a transformed life, understanding the idea of a “new normal” illuminated by faith.

If your heart seeks guidance and solace in navigating the complexities of grief, grounded in the teachings and comfort of our faith, [Schedule an appointment] with me. Together, let’s journey through this sacred passage towards healing and hope.

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

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Life, in its ebb and flow, brings with it moments of stress and anxiety. While stress is often a response to situational pressures, anxiety arises as our internal response to this stress, and prolonged feelings can sometimes lead to desolation.

In our faith-filled journey, many find that stress impacts their daily living, sometimes in profound ways. Chronic stress, if not addressed, might manifest physically, causing ailments like headaches, elevated blood pressure, chest discomfort, sleep disturbances, and more.

Through faith-centered coaching, grounded in the teachings and comfort of our Church, we can explore strategies to alleviate and understand these challenges.

I am here to assist you in navigating:

  1. Persistent unwarranted worries about various aspects of life.
  2. Physical manifestations such as fatigue, muscle tension, or restlessness.
  3. Symptoms of heightened stress response like palpitations, difficulty in breathing, or digestive disturbances.
  4. Feelings of being perpetually on edge, challenges in concentration, sleep disturbances, and heightened irritability.

Seeking solace? [Schedule an appointment] with me. Let us embark on this spiritual journey together, finding strength and serenity in the embrace of our faith.


Overcome Financial Conflict

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Navigating financial challenges can be daunting, especially when they weigh heavily on our spirits. Your journey toward financial peace and stewardship, rooted in our faith, begins here.

Imagine finding spiritual guidance and practical strategies to address:

  1. Overwhelming debts and persistently overdue bills.
  2. The trial of lost income or joblessness.
  3. Adjustments due to shifts in your employment circumstances.
  4. Differences with your spouse on monetary priorities and saving aspirations.
  5. Feelings of despair and diminished self-worth due to financial constraints.
  6. A history of inconsistent financial discipline leading to mounting debts.
  7. Unanticipated financial burdens, such as medical expenses or sudden unemployment.
  8. Anxiety stemming from potential housing insecurity.
  9. The repercussions of spontaneous spending habits.

With faith as our foundation, there is hope and a way forward.

[Schedule an appointment] with me, and let us explore how faith-driven guidance can illuminate your path to financial peace and prudence.


Separation / Divorce Therapy


Navigating the waters of separation or divorce is a deeply challenging journey, both emotionally and spiritually. I’m here to accompany you through these tumultuous times and address the unique challenges that arise:

  1. Ongoing marital discord that strains your bonds and familial relationships.
  2. Feelings of distance and disconnection within the marriage affecting the family’s harmony.
  3. Barriers in communication that foster unease and uncertainty within the family structure.
  4. The myriad questions and emotions children grapple with in the wake of parental separation.
  5. Children’s struggles with divided loyalties and potential separation from siblings.
  6. The complexities of living under one roof while emotionally separated, leading to a sense of detachment.
  7. Financial constraints stemming from maintaining two separate households, stretching resources thin.
  8. Manifestations of distress such as anxiety, sadness, or behavioral shifts among family members.
  9. Integrating new family dynamics with the introduction of stepparents, stepchildren, and step-siblings.
  10. Children bearing the heavy weight of perceived responsibility or guilt over marital challenges.

If you’re navigating the complexities of separation or divorce and seek spiritual guidance to rediscover hope, peace, and purpose, [Schedule an appointment] with me. Together, rooted in faith, we will chart a path forward. Remember, you’re not journeying alone.


Vocational Stress


Envision a workplace where you not only find contentment in your relationships with colleagues but also radiate a renewed confidence and competence in your professional duties. Imagine discerning the path God has paved for your next career step.

With faith and guidance, you can navigate and triumph over challenges such as:

  1. Discomfort stems from interpersonal disagreements or feelings of exclusion from colleagues.
  2. Self-doubt and apprehension due to significant setbacks or losses in the business realm.
  3. Fears arising from promotions or successes and the heightened expectations they bring.
  4. Struggles or resistance against superiors or authoritative figures in your workplace.
  5. The emotional toll of job loss, be it through termination or layoffs.
  6. Anxiety stemming from the precarious nature of job security.
  7. Feelings of discontentment or stress due to job demands or unmet professional expectations.

With faith as our anchor, together we can work towards bolstering your self-worth and fostering a more optimistic outlook, regardless of external challenges. By aligning with God’s plan, you can also enhance your job security through positive feedback and rapport with supervisors.

The journey to a fulfilling professional life rooted in faith and purpose awaits you. [Schedule an appointment] with me and let’s explore this path together.


Personal & Professional Empowerment Coaching

Personal & Professional Empowerment Coaching Services I provide:

Peak Performance Coaching

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Are you driven to unlock peak performance in every aspect of your life, anchored in Christ’s teachings and love?

Christian Peak Performance Coaching is your avenue.

Many seek coaching as they chase transformative shifts—both in mindset and action. Together, we collaborate in a divine synergy, fully present yet ever eager for the future’s blessings and lessons.

I specialize in Christian Peak Performance Coaching, guiding you to:

  • Excel in areas like athletics, arts, financial mastery, communication, parenting, and faith-driven leadership.
  • Unearth and cultivate your divine passions.
  • Discern your heavenly calling.
  • Strategize and achieve both spiritual and worldly aspirations.
  • Craft a future enriched with faith.
  • Design a faith-based mission, be it in personal life, enterprise, or ministry.
  • Navigate transitions with faith-fueled tenacity.
  • Align with fundamental Christian principles.
  • Enhance interactions, reflecting Christ’s love.
  • Measure spiritual growth and self-evolution.
  • Break barriers, emboldened by renewed faith journeys.
  • Challenge constraining beliefs, embracing God’s boundless love.
  • Ignite passion, driven by divine purpose.
  • Swap self-doubt with convictions like, “Through Christ, I can.”
  • Foster team unity, mirroring the harmony of Christ’s disciples.
  • Fortify self-confidence, shielded by faith.
  • Courageously step into God’s grand designs.
  • Undertake responsibilities with gratitude and grace.
  • Arm yourself with the skills and accountability to excel for His glory.
  • Sharpen your focus and dedication, propelling you to meet goals swiftly.
  • Deepen your personal connection with the Lord.

Your next level of transformation awaits. [Book a session] with me and let’s ascend together, guided by our Redeemer’s hand.

Christian Business Coaching

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https://itbcoach.comAre you driven to elevate your business, rooted in Christian values and modern success strategies?

Our Faith-Driven Entrepreneurial Empowerment Program might just be the game-changer you’ve been hunting for.

Today’s progressive business leaders often step into coaching, hungry for transformative shifts in their enterprise landscapes. These shifts are about more than just change; they’re about evolution in thought, approach, and execution.

Together, we’ll meld innovative business strategies with the timeless teachings and love of Christ. The present moment becomes our workshop, and today’s insights become the compass for tomorrow’s journeys.

Here’s what our contemporary Faith-Driven Entrepreneurial Empowerment Program encompasses:

  • Marrying cutting-edge industry trends with Christian ethics.
  • Tackling market rivalry with undeniable integrity.
  • Simplifying the financial maze, from cash dynamics to smart tax planning.
  • Harnessing tech advancements without sidelining core values.
  • Refining operations under the banner of Christian stewardship.
  • Leveraging data analytics to benefit your clientele and the Gospel’s message.
  • Revamping traditional frameworks without sidelining your core mission.
  • Bolstering digital security while ensuring trust and clarity.
  • Synthesizing business expansion with uncompromised excellence.
  • Cultivating and championing talent in the spirit of Christian community.
  • Exploring innovative sales strategies while staying rooted in ethical practices.

Your path to faith-anchored business success is just a click away. [Book a session] with me, and together, we’ll craft your business roadmap, illuminated by Christ’s guiding light.

My Christian Code of Values

As a Christian Life Coach, I strive to channel the essence and teachings of Jesus Christ, letting His wisdom shine through both my counsel and demeanor. With Christ as my compass, I anchor my coaching approach in the following tenets:

Love: In every session, I’m committed to bearing witness to your challenges, drawing from biblical wisdom to provide solutions and support. Your moments of struggle are met with genuine empathy, echoing Christ’s compassionate love.

Honor: I stand beside you in your journey, adhering to both the integrity of Christian principles and the professional standards of coaching. Each client receives the honor and esteem they rightfully deserve, reminiscent of Christ’s love for all.

Faith: Rooted in faith, our coaching sessions are infused with elements of prayer and reflection. My guidance continually seeks divine direction, solidifying our mutual trust in God’s transformative touch.

Compassion: Recognizing the unique beauty in each individual’s journey, I promise unwavering compassion, seeing you as a beloved child of God with unique gifts and potential.

Humility: Humility underscores every interaction. As we explore your path forward, I remain grounded, creating a nurturing environment where you can truly flourish.

Together, let’s journey towards the growth and fulfillment God has envisioned for you.

11 "For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope". (Jeremiah 29:11)

"As a man thinks, so is he" (Proverbs 23:7)

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be open to you" (Matthew 7:7)

"All things are possible for the one who believes.” (Mark 9:23)

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