Life Coaching

People come for coaching because they want something to be different. Changes involve shifts in attitudes, thinking, perceptions, and behavior.

I work together in partnership with you that gets things done in the present and clarify how present learning can be applied in the future.

I provide Life Coaching in these areas: 

  • Developing skills in such areas as athletics, music, money management, public speaking, parenting, and leadership.
  • Discovering and developing passions.
  • Finding a life purpose.
  • Setting and reaching specific goals.
  • Building a clearer vision for the future.
  • Developing a mission statement for one’s life, business, or ministry.
  • Learning to manage change effectively.
  • Finding clear values.
  • Building communication skills.
  • Appraising performance.
  • Getting unstuck, getting out of ruts, and moving forward.
  • Learning to think and see things differently by overcoming limitations.
  • Expanding the capacity to take action.
  • Getting free of self-sabotaging behavior and destructive self-talk – the kind of talk, for example, that says, “I can’t do it,” “Things will never change,” “Nobody will listen to me,” “I’ll never succeed, so why try!”
  • Building better teams (in the same way one gets athletes to play for the name on the front of their shirts instead of their own names on the back).
  • Building self-confidence.
  • Getting the courage to take risks.
  • Learning to take responsibility.
  • Finding the tools, support, and accountability to accomplish more.
  • Having the ability to focus better, be more efficient, and reach goals more quickly.
  • Developing a closer walk with God.

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