Angela Santiago RN /HypnoCounselor has been  in the clinical  field since 1986 first  as an LPN covering  in- patient  Psych settings and  Adult Rehab /subacute &geriatric units.  In 1993 she received  RN/AAS degree  and  continued to built a  strong nursing  foundation in a variety of Specialities.

In 1998 she was awarded  the title of HypnoCounselor from the Academy of Professional Hypnosis.  With  the special  blend of her Nursing  knowledge , hypnotherapy practice sprinkled with her  strong belief in the Power of Prayer and God’s healing touch , Ms .  Santiago  will  guide you through lifestyle transformation.
So if you truly desire change  from nicotine addicted smoking,  eating disorders, anxieties / phobias or  to gain self confidence,  contact  Ms.  Santiago.  She will gladly  discuss with you any treatment plan.