Rev. Dr. Sean Alexander, Christian Counselor | Angela Santiago, Practitioner

Helping others find biblically-based solutions to life’s challenges….

As a Christian there is nothing more important than to walk the path that God has for you in your life and business, and to achieve the things that Christ has for you in your life.

But where do you turn when all else seems to fail?

That is where we come in… we provide you with sound bibilically-based counseling and coaching solutions to overcome your life’s challenges or attain incredible results…

We provide you with Christian Counseling and Coaching that will:

Assist you in uncovering what is limiting you or holding you back.

  • Help you identify where your challenges are stemming from and establish a baseline to work on them and get beyond them…
  • Guide you in coming up with a strategy on where you want to go in your life and then we will assist you in getting there…
  • Achieve amazing results in every aspect of your life, and finally…
  • Provide you the tools you need, combined with the coaching and mentoring needed to propel you toward continual success in achieving your goals and dreams into the future. 

Rev. Dr. Sean Alexander, LCPC
Chaplain | Certified Christian Counselor
Life & Business Coach

Angela Santiago